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Hump Day Position: Woman on Top

20 Nov

Woman on top position is one of the best positions for female pleasure. You get to jump on top and take control of the movement. Grind your clitoris against his pubic mound and penis while rocking back-and-forth, or move up-and-down for intense G-spot pleasure. When you want to get on top, try positioning yourself in one of these pleasurable variations on top.

The Slide

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Lie on top of him with legs together and slide up-and-down. You’ll feel especially tight in this woman on top variation. Get even tighter with Wanna Be Tight Vaginal Shrink Gel.

The Arch

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Straddle him and arch your back while he penetrates. He can rub your clitoris with his fingers while you move up-and-down on his penis. Your body will look and feel great in this position.

Reverse Cowgirl

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Turn things around with this super hot variation of woman on top. Straddle him backwards so he gets a nice view of your behind. Bounce up-and-down while you or him rubs your clitoris.

No matter what variation you pick, you can customize each position to your liking. Go fast or slow, gyrate in circles, or take a seat while he thrusts upward.

Our sex enhancers make woman on top even better!


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Hump Day Position: Doggy Style

13 Nov

Why do people love doggy style so much? Is it because it is an expression of our most primal instincts? Or because doggy style is such a dominant position? Or perhaps, it’s because doggy style offers incredibly deep penetration and amazing G-spot stimulation. Whatever the reason is, most people can agree that doggy style feels damn good.

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Here are 5 tips for doing it doggy style:

1. Double the Pleasure
Doggy Style is the perfect position for G-spot stimulation, but don’t forget about the clitoris! 75% of women require clitoral stimulation to reach orgasm. Women will have full access to play with their clitoris while he thrusts from behind.

Super hot tip: The man can reach around her and use two fingers to massage the clitoris while penetrating her. The double pleasure of the G-spot and the clitoris will feel amazing, especially with our new clitoral and G-spot enhancers.

Wanna Be Explosive Cherry Bomb Clitoral Arousal

Put a dab of this on the clitoris for increased orgasmic pleasure. Cherry Bomb comes in 5 kissable flavors and creates a tingly, cool yet warm sensation.

Pheromone Potion #12 G-spot Arousal Gel

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This orgasmic gel is formulated with Niacin, Spearmint, Ginseng, Arginine & Methyl, and Nicotinate to increase G-spot pleasure.

2. Go Deeper
If you want to go even deeper in doggy style, the woman can lower her chest, arch her back, and move her legs outside of his legs.

3. Get tighter
Remember, the closer the woman moves her legs together the tighter the feel. If she is experiencing any pain in doggy style position she should spread her legs for increased comfort.

4. Don’t Be Afraid to Get A Little Rough
Doggy Style is one of the best positions for some light manhandling. It can be extremely hot to engage in butt slapping, hair pulling, or holding her hands behind her back. Before getting rough, a couple should have a conversation about their comfort level and establish a safe word if engaging in BDSM.

5. Slow it Down
Even though doggy style can be a lot of fun, that doesn’t mean you can’t slow it down sometimes. A lot of women don’t love being love being pummeled over and over again with a penis. Get a rhythm down that you both enjoy. She can even look over her shoulders as he moves in-and-out.

How to Make Your Penis Look and Feel Bigger

10 Nov

You don’t need a bigger penis to be a better lover, but it doesn’t hurt to enhance what you’ve already got. Here are three tips to look and feel like you’re a few inches taller.

1. Shave Your Balls
It’s a little known fact that shaving your balls makes your penis look bigger. Pubic hair covers the base of the penis. By shaving your shaft and balls you accentuate and proudly display your manhood. Use Balls n All Rash-Free Shave Cream for a rash-free, comfortable shave. Our Shave Cream is made specially to shield balls from razor burn and soften even the coarsest hairs for a smooth shave.

Balls N All Rash Free Shave Cream

Balls n All Rash-Free Shave Crea


2. Get Stronger Erections
The harder you are, the bigger you look. Max Vitality Sexual Stamina Treatment supports a stronger, longer erection. The key ingredient, Butea Superba Root Extract, is an herb native to Thailand known for its rejuvenating effects on sexual vigor. The natural root helps initiate and maintain a firmer erection.

Max Vitality Stamina Treatment

Max Vitality Stamina Treatment


3. Get Confident
Don’t let the length of your penis size determine the extent of your confidence. Being a good lover has much more to do with paying attention to your partner’s desires than it has to do with your penis size. As they say, “it’s not the size of the boat, it’s the motion of the ocean.” Get on your partner’s sexual wavelength and you will be sure to satisfy them no matter how big or small you are.