The Science of Love: How do pheromones work?

30 Apr

Pheromones are involved in the chemical attraction you feel when you’re with certain members of the opposite sex. When you’re attracted to the guy with a mullet at the end of the bar, blame pheromones!

In the animal kingdom, pheromones are released and emanate through the air. The subtle scent of pheromones is picked up by the opposite sex, stimulating the hypothalamus in the cortex of the brain. The hypothalamus is in charge of your hormones and emotions, including all those sexual feelings. If you jive with someone’s pheromones, you will have a sexual response that might alter your behavior. In other words, pheromones make you want to do it.


Why are people not going at it like bunny rabbits? For one thing, we are supposedly civilized creatures, but more importantly we wash away most of our pheromones in the shower. So is the solution to not shower? Hell no!

You can enhance your natural pheromones with pheromone-infused scents. In a study, people who wore pheromones had more sex than people who wore placebos. Adding a pheromone-infused scent is a great way to up your game in the animal kingdom, i.e the corner bar.

Men: The Max Attract Pheromone Cologne is a sexy, pheromone-infused masculine scent. It increases your natural pheromones to make you instantly more attractive and confident.

Pheromone Cologne

Women: Crazy Girl After Dark Sex Aphrodisiac Essence is Pheromone Potion #9- a mix of black orchid, dark violet, muted amber, and earthy musk. The last- but most important- ingredient of the potion is pheromone oil to enhance sex appeal.

Sex Aphrodisiac Essence

Springtime essential—the Wanna Be Dazzling Sparkling Body Lotion moisturizes, softens the skin, and leaves your body shimmering. Did I mention it’s infused with pheromones?

Also, check out the Wanna Be Sexy Flirty Body Mist in Pink Cupcake and Plumeria. Give yourself and spritz and get ready for potential lovers on the prowl.

body mist



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