Breast Orgasms: Coming to a Breast Near You

28 Apr

Breast Orgasms: One more reason it’s great to be a woman. Female orgasms come in all shapes and sizes, including A, B, C, and Double D. Breasts can swell to a Double D during arousal (breasts can grow in size up to 25%!). Who needs a push-up bra when you can get larger breasts with sexual stimulation?

Nipples also get darker during sexual arousal. Getting hot and bothered increases blood flow to those luscious breasts.

Touching Breasts

Nipple play is key for having a bursting breast orgasm. In fact, stimulation to the nipple triggers the same part of the brain as clitoral stimulation. That’s why some women can have a mind-blowing breast orgasm.
sensualWomen have different preferences for how they want their breasts played with. Some women like nipple biting and sucking, while other women like light licking. Just like the clitoris, there are different strokes for different folks. Women have different sensitivities. They require finesse for an orgasm-inducing experience.

He or she should spend a long time with the breasts, licking, nibbling, and moving them in circles. Circling the tongue around the nipples and then lightly blowing on them and nibbling can feel especially orgasmic. The mouth can also work the breasts while the fingers stroke the clitoris. She should give feedback on what feels good for the breasts. Moaning and sighing also help him or her suck and lick in the right direction.

To boost blood flow to the breasts and increase arousal, get Crazy Girl After Dark Erotic Lip-Nip Tingle. Raw sugars crystals mingle with a blast of mint to send a cool and tingly sensation to the nipples and lips. He or she can apply Lip-Nip Tingle to their lips and apply them to the nipples for wintery kiss. Lip-Nip-Tingle enhances the experience by adding a layer of exciting sensation. The minty blast of arousal might just be what the doctor ordered for a boobtastic orgasm.

Erotic Lip Nip Tingle


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