Finding Love in Spring

19 Apr

Spring is a time for rebirth and finding love. The flowers are blooming, the sun is shining, and you should be going at it like a bunny rabbit on the front lawn.

If you’re not already up to your ears in unicorns and rainbows, it’s time to break away from old habits bringing you down. Hibernation time is over! Get out there and show ‘em what you’ve got!

green woman silhouette

Here are three key ways to let the world you are looking for new love:

  1. Stop Texting, Calling, and Stalking Your Ex on Facebook

It’s time to do some Spring Cleaning: Delete your ex’s number, block them on Facebook, and do whatever you need to do to put an end to a relationship past its expiration date. If you want to find love, you need to focus on the present, not the past. Instead of trying to reclaim a relationship that didn’t work, focus your energy on starting something new, with infinite potential, in the future.

  1. Start Online Dating or Give Your Online Dating Profile a Makeover

If you haven’t already joined Match, OkCupid, or Tindr, the time is now. About a fourth of single Americans meet their partner through online dating sites and applications. More people meet online than through work, church, school, and bars.

Have a friend give you constructive feedback about your profile. Is the mirror pic showing off your glistening abs from five years ago really going to get you what you want?

If you’re already a member of online dating world and haven’t had much luck, have friends of the opposite sex tell you what needs to change. Women respond more to funny guys than pretentious guys. Be genuine and watch your responses grow.

  1. Get a Scent

There are so many new scents in the air in springtime. It’s a perfect time to add your own new, bold scent.

For Men: The Max Max Attract Pheromone Cologne is infused with pheromones- chemical substances with a subtle scent that attract potential mates.

Pheromone Cologne

Scent is actually one of the most powerful of the five senses and it’s extremely important for sexual attraction. Women will notice a guy’s scent from across the room, and will be compelled to get closer. Max Attract is a rugged, masculine scent that transmits sexual energy.

body mist For Women: A fresh, floral scent is perfect for springtime. The Wanna Be Sexy Flirting Body Mist is a great way to get men’s attention. It comes in two sexy, springtime fragrances: Pink Cupcake and Pretty Plumeria. Pink Cupcake is a playfully soft scent with a refreshing mix of vanilla musk and light fresh berries. Pretty Plumeria is a vibrant floral scent with an aroma of tropical fern and island breeze. Both fragrances are pheromone-infused and sure to get the attention of the opposite sex. Pheromone-infused products have proven ability to boost your attraction, especially in springtime.

In fact, many people start new relationships in spring. According to a Facebook study, April 1st is the fifth biggest day for an increase in relationships- no April fools!

Perhaps more people are getting out of the house, or online dating is working for people who signed up in January in February, inspired by New Years and Valentine’s Day. Perhaps the increased levels of serotonin from the spring sunshine are inspiring people to get together. The only thing for certain is that love- and pheromones- are in the air.




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