The Secret to a Tight Vagina

2 Apr

A tight vagina provides a snug and more pleasurable fit for a penis. Most women believe having a tight vagina is biological and there is nothing they can do to change it. However, having a desirably tight vagina depends on the strength of your pelvic floor muscles. If you want to have a tight vagina, you have to work out your pelvic floor muscles by doing consistent Kegel exercises.

tight vagina

Kegels are a workout for your pelvic floor muscles, which help you stop and start the flow of urine. If you are still not sure what the pelvic floor muscles are, just try stopping your pee midstream. You just did a Kegel!

These powerful, pee-stopping muscles can give you a tight vagina. Exercise the pelvic floor muscles by tensing them for 10 seconds and then relaxing them for 10 seconds. Then repeat. If you tense and relax your pelvic floor muscles for a couple minutes each day, you will see results quickly.

To take your Kegel exercises to the next level for an even tighter vagina, get the Crazy Girl Wanna Be Excited Pleasure Balls. Pleasure balls are like a built-in gym inside your vagina (except you never actually have to work out). Pleasure balls do your Kegels for you while providing pleasurable internal stimulation.

tight vagina

The Pleasure balls are also a great way to find out how loose or tight you really are. If you’re able to hold them inside your vagina, standing with your legs apart, you are tight down there. Work up to your maximum tightness by wearing the pleasure balls on a regular basis.

Not only do Kegel exercises make you tighter, they also make you more orgasmic. Having strong pelvic floor muscles will prepare you for more powerful orgasmic contractions.

tight vaginaYou can also use Wanna Be Tight Vaginal Shrink Gel to instantly increase your pleasure and tightness with menthol, potassium, and other natural ingredients. It increases blood flow to your nether regions, tightening the tissue and increasing libido and pleasure. The more aroused you get and the more pleasure you experience, the tighter you will feel. If your partner wants you to have a tight vagina, they better get you all hot and bothered first.



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