5 Ways to Prolong Sex

2 Apr

Prolong sex and you’ll have a much better chance of making your partner orgasm. Prolong sex and you’ll have a more intense connection with your partner. Prolong sex and you’ll have the confidence to become one of the great lovers.

One in three men suffer from premature ejaculation. Because men are so concerned about orgasming too soon, sex becomes a nerve-wracking experience instead of a purely pleasurable experience. Many men try to focus on something disgusting, painful or just plain boring to prevent a pleasurable outburst. Wouldn’t you rather think about your sex partner than baseball scores or your great-aunt naked? If you follow these 5 steps, you can prolong sex and get it on without worry. Ready. Set. Action!

1. Warm-Up

Masturbating before a date will calm your nerves and make you less likely to orgasm too soon. Men are often so riled up and excited to have sex they can’t help orgasming after a couple minutes of pleasure. Masturbating can help you prevent an unwanted outburst. Instead of using a tub of Vaseline, use Max 4 Men Advanced Hybrid Lubricant to have a healthy and much more pleasurable masturbation session.

prolong sex

2. Edging

Speaking of masturbation, edging is a great technique for getting in tune with your point of no return—the moment you know you are going to orgasm and there is nothing you can do about it.  When you’re masturbating, identify the moment right before you go over the edge and stop masturbating before things get completely out of hand. Take a few breaths and calm down before starting up again. Edging will help you identify your orgasmic patterns and practice controlling them. Also, once you do finally let yourself go over the edge, you’ll have a more intense and satisfying orgasm.

3. Change the Way You Have Sex

Just like edging changes the way you masturbate to prolong sex, you can change the way you have sex to prolong sex. When you are getting close to orgasming, change positions or slow down. If there’s a sex position that is particularly orgasmic for you, avoid it until you’re ready to orgasm. Instead of having fast-paced sex, slow down your movements and enjoy a longer, more sensual sexual experience.

prolong sex

4. Desensitize and De-stress

What about those times you just want to go at it like an animal? Adding a dab of Max Control Prolong Gel gives you the power to prolong sex without having to compromise the way you want to have sex. Max Control Prolong Gel is formulated with Lidocaine- a gentle desensitizing agent that is quickly absorbed into your penis and shouldn’t transfer to your partner. Your partner will have no idea why you are such a demon in the sack. The Prolong Gel is a very mild desensitizing gel so you will still experience immense pleasure and an orgasm—you just won’t orgasm if the first few minutes. With the prolong gel you can completely de-stress about not lasting long enough to truly enjoy sex.

prolong sex


5. Do your Kegel Exercies!

Working out your pelvic floor muscles will give you a stronger penis with greater lasting-power. Tense and relax your pelvic floor muscles, commonly known as the pee-stopping muscles, to keep your penis fit and ready for action. Did I mention that Kegel exercises also give you more intense orgasms? Prolong sex and then finish like a boss with a massive orgasm.


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