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The Science of Love: How do pheromones work?

30 Apr

Pheromones are involved in the chemical attraction you feel when you’re with certain members of the opposite sex. When you’re attracted to the guy with a mullet at the end of the bar, blame pheromones!

In the animal kingdom, pheromones are released and emanate through the air. The subtle scent of pheromones is picked up by the opposite sex, stimulating the hypothalamus in the cortex of the brain. The hypothalamus is in charge of your hormones and emotions, including all those sexual feelings. If you jive with someone’s pheromones, you will have a sexual response that might alter your behavior. In other words, pheromones make you want to do it.


Why are people not going at it like bunny rabbits? For one thing, we are supposedly civilized creatures, but more importantly we wash away most of our pheromones in the shower. So is the solution to not shower? Hell no!

You can enhance your natural pheromones with pheromone-infused scents. In a study, people who wore pheromones had more sex than people who wore placebos. Adding a pheromone-infused scent is a great way to up your game in the animal kingdom, i.e the corner bar.

Men: The Max Attract Pheromone Cologne is a sexy, pheromone-infused masculine scent. It increases your natural pheromones to make you instantly more attractive and confident.

Pheromone Cologne

Women: Crazy Girl After Dark Sex Aphrodisiac Essence is Pheromone Potion #9- a mix of black orchid, dark violet, muted amber, and earthy musk. The last- but most important- ingredient of the potion is pheromone oil to enhance sex appeal.

Sex Aphrodisiac Essence

Springtime essential—the Wanna Be Dazzling Sparkling Body Lotion moisturizes, softens the skin, and leaves your body shimmering. Did I mention it’s infused with pheromones?

Also, check out the Wanna Be Sexy Flirty Body Mist in Pink Cupcake and Plumeria. Give yourself and spritz and get ready for potential lovers on the prowl.

body mist



Breast Orgasms: Coming to a Breast Near You

28 Apr

Breast Orgasms: One more reason it’s great to be a woman. Female orgasms come in all shapes and sizes, including A, B, C, and Double D. Breasts can swell to a Double D during arousal (breasts can grow in size up to 25%!). Who needs a push-up bra when you can get larger breasts with sexual stimulation?

Nipples also get darker during sexual arousal. Getting hot and bothered increases blood flow to those luscious breasts.

Touching Breasts

Nipple play is key for having a bursting breast orgasm. In fact, stimulation to the nipple triggers the same part of the brain as clitoral stimulation. That’s why some women can have a mind-blowing breast orgasm.
sensualWomen have different preferences for how they want their breasts played with. Some women like nipple biting and sucking, while other women like light licking. Just like the clitoris, there are different strokes for different folks. Women have different sensitivities. They require finesse for an orgasm-inducing experience.

He or she should spend a long time with the breasts, licking, nibbling, and moving them in circles. Circling the tongue around the nipples and then lightly blowing on them and nibbling can feel especially orgasmic. The mouth can also work the breasts while the fingers stroke the clitoris. She should give feedback on what feels good for the breasts. Moaning and sighing also help him or her suck and lick in the right direction.

To boost blood flow to the breasts and increase arousal, get Crazy Girl After Dark Erotic Lip-Nip Tingle. Raw sugars crystals mingle with a blast of mint to send a cool and tingly sensation to the nipples and lips. He or she can apply Lip-Nip Tingle to their lips and apply them to the nipples for wintery kiss. Lip-Nip-Tingle enhances the experience by adding a layer of exciting sensation. The minty blast of arousal might just be what the doctor ordered for a boobtastic orgasm.

Erotic Lip Nip Tingle

Finding Love in Spring

19 Apr

Spring is a time for rebirth and finding love. The flowers are blooming, the sun is shining, and you should be going at it like a bunny rabbit on the front lawn.

If you’re not already up to your ears in unicorns and rainbows, it’s time to break away from old habits bringing you down. Hibernation time is over! Get out there and show ‘em what you’ve got!

green woman silhouette

Here are three key ways to let the world you are looking for new love:

  1. Stop Texting, Calling, and Stalking Your Ex on Facebook

It’s time to do some Spring Cleaning: Delete your ex’s number, block them on Facebook, and do whatever you need to do to put an end to a relationship past its expiration date. If you want to find love, you need to focus on the present, not the past. Instead of trying to reclaim a relationship that didn’t work, focus your energy on starting something new, with infinite potential, in the future.

  1. Start Online Dating or Give Your Online Dating Profile a Makeover

If you haven’t already joined Match, OkCupid, or Tindr, the time is now. About a fourth of single Americans meet their partner through online dating sites and applications. More people meet online than through work, church, school, and bars.

Have a friend give you constructive feedback about your profile. Is the mirror pic showing off your glistening abs from five years ago really going to get you what you want?

If you’re already a member of online dating world and haven’t had much luck, have friends of the opposite sex tell you what needs to change. Women respond more to funny guys than pretentious guys. Be genuine and watch your responses grow.

  1. Get a Scent

There are so many new scents in the air in springtime. It’s a perfect time to add your own new, bold scent.

For Men: The Max Max Attract Pheromone Cologne is infused with pheromones- chemical substances with a subtle scent that attract potential mates.

Pheromone Cologne

Scent is actually one of the most powerful of the five senses and it’s extremely important for sexual attraction. Women will notice a guy’s scent from across the room, and will be compelled to get closer. Max Attract is a rugged, masculine scent that transmits sexual energy.

body mist For Women: A fresh, floral scent is perfect for springtime. The Wanna Be Sexy Flirting Body Mist is a great way to get men’s attention. It comes in two sexy, springtime fragrances: Pink Cupcake and Pretty Plumeria. Pink Cupcake is a playfully soft scent with a refreshing mix of vanilla musk and light fresh berries. Pretty Plumeria is a vibrant floral scent with an aroma of tropical fern and island breeze. Both fragrances are pheromone-infused and sure to get the attention of the opposite sex. Pheromone-infused products have proven ability to boost your attraction, especially in springtime.

In fact, many people start new relationships in spring. According to a Facebook study, April 1st is the fifth biggest day for an increase in relationships- no April fools!

Perhaps more people are getting out of the house, or online dating is working for people who signed up in January in February, inspired by New Years and Valentine’s Day. Perhaps the increased levels of serotonin from the spring sunshine are inspiring people to get together. The only thing for certain is that love- and pheromones- are in the air.



The Secret to a Tight Vagina

2 Apr

A tight vagina provides a snug and more pleasurable fit for a penis. Most women believe having a tight vagina is biological and there is nothing they can do to change it. However, having a desirably tight vagina depends on the strength of your pelvic floor muscles. If you want to have a tight vagina, you have to work out your pelvic floor muscles by doing consistent Kegel exercises.

tight vagina

Kegels are a workout for your pelvic floor muscles, which help you stop and start the flow of urine. If you are still not sure what the pelvic floor muscles are, just try stopping your pee midstream. You just did a Kegel!

These powerful, pee-stopping muscles can give you a tight vagina. Exercise the pelvic floor muscles by tensing them for 10 seconds and then relaxing them for 10 seconds. Then repeat. If you tense and relax your pelvic floor muscles for a couple minutes each day, you will see results quickly.

To take your Kegel exercises to the next level for an even tighter vagina, get the Crazy Girl Wanna Be Excited Pleasure Balls. Pleasure balls are like a built-in gym inside your vagina (except you never actually have to work out). Pleasure balls do your Kegels for you while providing pleasurable internal stimulation.

tight vagina

The Pleasure balls are also a great way to find out how loose or tight you really are. If you’re able to hold them inside your vagina, standing with your legs apart, you are tight down there. Work up to your maximum tightness by wearing the pleasure balls on a regular basis.

Not only do Kegel exercises make you tighter, they also make you more orgasmic. Having strong pelvic floor muscles will prepare you for more powerful orgasmic contractions.

tight vaginaYou can also use Wanna Be Tight Vaginal Shrink Gel to instantly increase your pleasure and tightness with menthol, potassium, and other natural ingredients. It increases blood flow to your nether regions, tightening the tissue and increasing libido and pleasure. The more aroused you get and the more pleasure you experience, the tighter you will feel. If your partner wants you to have a tight vagina, they better get you all hot and bothered first.


5 Ways to Prolong Sex

2 Apr

Prolong sex and you’ll have a much better chance of making your partner orgasm. Prolong sex and you’ll have a more intense connection with your partner. Prolong sex and you’ll have the confidence to become one of the great lovers.

One in three men suffer from premature ejaculation. Because men are so concerned about orgasming too soon, sex becomes a nerve-wracking experience instead of a purely pleasurable experience. Many men try to focus on something disgusting, painful or just plain boring to prevent a pleasurable outburst. Wouldn’t you rather think about your sex partner than baseball scores or your great-aunt naked? If you follow these 5 steps, you can prolong sex and get it on without worry. Ready. Set. Action!

1. Warm-Up

Masturbating before a date will calm your nerves and make you less likely to orgasm too soon. Men are often so riled up and excited to have sex they can’t help orgasming after a couple minutes of pleasure. Masturbating can help you prevent an unwanted outburst. Instead of using a tub of Vaseline, use Max 4 Men Advanced Hybrid Lubricant to have a healthy and much more pleasurable masturbation session.

prolong sex

2. Edging

Speaking of masturbation, edging is a great technique for getting in tune with your point of no return—the moment you know you are going to orgasm and there is nothing you can do about it.  When you’re masturbating, identify the moment right before you go over the edge and stop masturbating before things get completely out of hand. Take a few breaths and calm down before starting up again. Edging will help you identify your orgasmic patterns and practice controlling them. Also, once you do finally let yourself go over the edge, you’ll have a more intense and satisfying orgasm.

3. Change the Way You Have Sex

Just like edging changes the way you masturbate to prolong sex, you can change the way you have sex to prolong sex. When you are getting close to orgasming, change positions or slow down. If there’s a sex position that is particularly orgasmic for you, avoid it until you’re ready to orgasm. Instead of having fast-paced sex, slow down your movements and enjoy a longer, more sensual sexual experience.

prolong sex

4. Desensitize and De-stress

What about those times you just want to go at it like an animal? Adding a dab of Max Control Prolong Gel gives you the power to prolong sex without having to compromise the way you want to have sex. Max Control Prolong Gel is formulated with Lidocaine- a gentle desensitizing agent that is quickly absorbed into your penis and shouldn’t transfer to your partner. Your partner will have no idea why you are such a demon in the sack. The Prolong Gel is a very mild desensitizing gel so you will still experience immense pleasure and an orgasm—you just won’t orgasm if the first few minutes. With the prolong gel you can completely de-stress about not lasting long enough to truly enjoy sex.

prolong sex


5. Do your Kegel Exercies!

Working out your pelvic floor muscles will give you a stronger penis with greater lasting-power. Tense and relax your pelvic floor muscles, commonly known as the pee-stopping muscles, to keep your penis fit and ready for action. Did I mention that Kegel exercises also give you more intense orgasms? Prolong sex and then finish like a boss with a massive orgasm.

5 Ways to Make Anal Sex Pleasurable, Because No One Wants to Have Painful Anal Sex

2 Apr

Want to make anal sex pleasurable and not excruciatingly painful? Join the club. So many people avoid anal sex because they are concerned about the pain, which is a completely rational fear. You should properly prepare if you want to avoid painful anal sex, especially if it’s your first time. Here are 5 steps to make sure you have a pleasurable and NOT painful anal sex experience.

1. Lube Up

Lubricating the area will make anal sex pleasurable. Apply a lubricant, like the Max 4 Men Advanced Hybrid Lubricant, liberally on the anal area. Lube reduces friction and helps the penis enter smoothly. Anal sex without lube is like going down a waterslide without water.

 2. Desensitize

anal sex pleasurableEven with lubricant, the anus is a much smaller hole than the vagina. It can still be a very painful experience, especially for first-timers. Put a dab of Wanna Be Daring Anal Ease Desensitizing Gel on the area before penetration to make anal sex pleasurable—not painful. Anal Ease is formulated with Benzocaine, a safe and effective desensitizer that relaxes the anal sphincter. It also contains Aloe Vera to soothe and moisturize the anus.

3. Relax

Relaxation might seem counterintuitive when a large penis is about to enter your behind, but it’s essential for a pleasurable anal sex experience. Before you get started, take some deep breaths and make sure you don’t clench your butt. The more relaxed you are, the less painful anal sex will be. Also, a little foreplay before anal play can (literally) loosen you up before backdoor play.

4. Get Warmed Up

Familiarize yourself to anal stimulation with an anal toy. The Wanna Be Daring Tushy Teaser is the perfect introduction to anal play.The petite design allows for easy insertion and exploration. Loosen and arouse the area with the Tushy Teaser before bringing out the big guns.

anal sex pleasurable

Now you are ready for anal sex. Wait… not so fast!

 5. Slow It Down

Anal Sex is NOT like ripping off a Band-Aid. Quick and painless does not apply in this situation. The penis should enter into the anus as slowly as possibly. The owner of the penis should check in with you constantly to make sure you are okay. Once the penis is inside, he should move slowly inside of you until you feel comfortable. After a bit, you’ll get into the groove and wonder why everyone is making such a big deal out of anal sex. In fact, anal sex can be extremely pleasurable and sexy if you follow these 5 simple rules. If you come into anal sex with and open-mind (and open behind) I think you’ll find it much more pleasurable- and far less painful- than you ever imagined.