Sexy Trick-or-Treat?

28 Oct

BEWARE of naughty intentions this Halloween and add a sexy twist of trick-or-treating with Classic Erotica’s Sexy Trick-or-Treat schemes that will give you and your partner the ultimate thrill!

Sexy Tricks

Ready for a sexy trick-or-treat? Whether you will be staying in or heading out for a night of mischievous fun celebrate Halloween with a few sexy tricks that will have your partner quivering with excitement.


1. Bewitched Inspire an adventurous night of a sexy rendezvous by showing up at his/her home wearing a naughty ensemble. Enliven his/her sexual desires and put him/her under your love spell by sneaking into a character he/she has been fantasizing on. Engaging in a little role play will be a fun way to get the wolf out of the cave.

TRICK:  Wear a little dab of CrazyGirl® After Dark Sex Aphrodisiac Essence Pheromone Potion #9 or Max 4 Men® Max Attract™ Hypnotic Sex Attractant Cologne to signal your lover that you are in the mood for a wicked night.

walking_nude2. The Walking Nude Leave him/her gasping for air by creeping in on him/her while he/she showers! A steamy surprise in the shower is a sexy way to get it on before you head out for the nights festivities. Get creative, maneuver your hands over your partner’s sexy body and caress his/her erogenous areas. Take turns lathering each other up with a Love Mates® Pleasure Massage Mitt.

TRICK:  Ignite confidence and sexiness in your sensitive areas with a smooth shave that will make your fully exposed physique striking. For sexy skin use Coochy™ Rash Free Shave Crème Collection or Max 4 Men® Max Shave™ Rash Free Crème Collection.

paranormal_activity3. Paranormal Activity – Make your spooky holiday extra-sultry with an erotic game of “paranormal” activity. Enjoy out-of-this-world foreplay by taking turns rolling Heart’s Desire® Sugar n Spice™ Romance Dice™ to determine the sexy tasks to perform.

TRICK: For a frightfully sexy touch use Libido Lift™ Twilight Bloom Serum Pheromone Potion #7 or Max Vitality™ Sexual Stamina Treatment to stimulate the erogenous areas.

Sexy Treats

Your sexy trick-or-treat adventure is not complete without giving your partner and yourself a few tasty treats.

sexth_sense4. The Sexth Sense Give yourself something good to eat and indulge in some ooooh-ral. Journey to the gates of your partners “underworld”, and perform the tasty deed with your partner blindfolded and his/her wrists bound. Your partner won’t be able to see or touch your ghostlike essence but will be able to use his/her sexth sense to guide you to performing incredible oral sex.

TREAT: Make giving and receiving breathtaking with Crazy Girl® Wanna Be Aroused™ Oral Sex Gels or Max 4 Men® Max Head™ Oral Sex Gels.

dracula5. Dracula – Start things off slow on Halloween night with a couple of naughty bites. Kissing before, during, and after sex can be extremely arousing and satisfying. Surprise your partner by kissing his/her neck and lightly nibble on his/her ear lobe. Send chills through his/her body by lightly roaming your tongue into his/her chest and licking around the areola, gently blowing them dry, and sucking his/her nipples.

TREAT: Apply CrazyGirl® After Dark Erotic Lip/Nip Tingle Pheromone Potion #8 on nipples for a rock candy rush and lusty thrills or apply on lips for arousing kisses and foreplay intensity.

scary_movie6. Scary Movie – If you are looking for a salacious scare lure your partner for a sexy sleepover and watch a horror movie that will thrill both of you. Awaken passion when you are quivering with fright by jumping into your partner’s arms. An overly frightening movie may kill the mood so choose a movie that has lots of sex scenes to inspire mischievous play.

TREAT: For the ultimate pleasure try CrazyGirl® After Dark Sex Arousal Bomb Pheromone Potion #2 or Max 4 Men® Max Blast Off™ Flavored Sex Stimulating Balm and enjoy exhilarating sexual arousing tingles of excitement.

Have a Sexy Trick-or-Treat!

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