Touch Yourself and Save the Boobies!

1 Oct

Ladies don’t be afraid to touch yourself!!! Dare to bare and touch yourself to potentially prevent a cancer scare. 1 in 8 women will be diagnosed with breast cancer in their lifetime. Detect breast cancer and Save the Boobies by incorporating breast self-exams into your monthly routine.

Mammograms are strongly encouraged to help detect tumors before they can be felt. In addition to mammograms, performing breast self-exams help you become more familiar with how your breasts look and feel. Detecting anomalies or changes in your breasts allows you to alert your physician and begin the necessary treatments to save the boobies!

Perform a Breast Self-Exam and Touch Yourself:


1. Lying Down – The breast tissue spreads out evenly along the chest wall when you are lying down, as a result lumps in your breasts become more evident when you are lying down. Place a pillow under your right shoulder and rest your right arm behind your head. Using your left hand, gently move the pads of your fingers and press down around your right breast in small circular motions covering the entire breast area and armpit.

Apply a mixture of light, medium, and firm pressure when examining your breasts. Squeeze the nipple, and check for discharge and lumps. Repeat these steps for your left breast.

Make the experience less nerve-wracking by pampering yourself and your boobies with CrazyGirl® Wanna Be Pampered™ X2 Mini Hearts Warming Body Massagers.


2. In Front of a Mirror – Place your arms at your sides and visually examine your breasts. Raise your arms high overhead and scan for any anomalies in the contour, nipples, and inflammation or dimpling of the skin.

Continue to scan your breasts by resting your palms on your hips and pressing firmly to flex your chest muscles. Inspect your left and right breast separately for any dimpling, puckering, or irregular changes.

Now that you are all done take a moment to admire the perfection of your breast and comfort them with Body Boudoir™ Love in Luxury™ Perfection Pheromone Powdery Bust Lotion and Body Boudoir™ Love in Luxury™ Comfort Pheromone Bust Gel.


3. In the Shower – Press the pads of your fingers and move them around your entire breast in a circular motion from the outside to the center. Examine the entire breast and armpit area of both breasts.

Give your breast a blast a mint of delight and excitement after your shower with CrazyGirl® After Dark Pheromone Potion #8 Erotic Lip/Nip Tingle.


Do not neglect the boobies!!! Touch yourself frequently and get regular mammograms, and most importantly encourage your partner to explore your breasts too!


To learn more about donating, spreading awareness, or becoming involved in any way, please visit Susan G Komen.

To get EVEN MORE information on early detection and other safety tips for yourself, visit the National Breast Cancer  Foundation, Inc.


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