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Sexy Holiday Gift Guide 2013

30 Oct

A wonderful sex life should be at the top of your X-Mas list. In the spirit of the season, we thought we’d put together a Sexy Holiday Gift Guide to help you heat things up for the holidays with fun gifts and stocking stuffers that are sure to make you both smile for many nights to come! Here are Classic Erotica’s picks for the sexiest gifts of the season. Enjoy!

Your Friend

For Him: This holiday season encourage him to find his own sexual identity with Max 4 Men® Max Attract™ Hypnotic Sex Attractant Cologne. It’s the perfect bold masculine fragrance any guy would love!


For Her: Any game that she’ll play now would be a whole lot sexier than the ones from your school days so take it up a notch and surprise her with something that she wouldn’t dare buy for herself. Inspire your good ol’ pal to get a little naughty this holiday season with Heart’s Desire® Play Together™ Lickable Foreplay Massage Game and Heart’s Desire® Sugar n Spice™ Romance Dice™.

Your Best Friend (Slash Former Lover)


For Him: Make shaving a sexy experience for your “Best Friend” with Max 4 Men® Max Shave™ Balls n All Rash-Free Shave Cream and Max 4 Men® Max Protect™ Balls n All Moisture Control Balm! Not only will he look sexy down there but he will feel AMAZING too! With this amazing sexy gift you will be jingling his “bells” in no time.

*For the “Total Body” experience have him groom to the MAX with Max 4 Men® Max Shave™ Total Body Rash-Free Shave Cream!*


For Her: This holiday season give her confidence, power, and her own sexual identity with Crazy Girl® After Dark Sex Aphrodisiac Essence Pheromone Potion #9. The hint of her alluring scent will drive you crazy with desire so make sure to not let her get away until you share a smooch under the mistletoe!

Your Friend With Benefits


For Him: We are sure he would much prefer awesome sex over a boring sweater so give him a very special X-Mas miracle. Get his pleasure zones pumping and make him last all night with Max 4 Men ® Max Control™ Prolong Spray or Max 4 Men ® Max Control™ Prolong Gel!


For Her: Help her stimulate her clitoris and bring in the New Year with extra fireworks with Crazy Girl® After Dark Libido  Lift™ Twilight Bloom Serum Pheromone Potion #7. This invigorating potency commands any vaginal flower into full bloom explosive pleasure. Oh my…

Your Crush


For Him: You have been flirting with him all year long but he just can’t seem to get the courage to “ask-you out”? He may need a little “hand” so give him Max 4 Men® Max Satisfaction™ Rub One Out Masturbation Cream and then drop a line about how you hope he thinks of YOU when he “rubs one out”. With any luck that will help take your flirting to the next level 🙂


For Her: Make your crush feel like a sexy pink Christmas goddess with the Crazy Girl® Sexy Body Care Collection (Crazy Girl® Wanna Be Naked™ Intimate Shave Crème, Crazy Girl® Wanna Be Dazzling™ Sparkling Body Lotion, and Crazy Girl® Wanna Be Sexy™ Flirty Body Mist). If she wasn’t head-over-heels for you before, she will sure be crushing over you now!

In a Relationship

MaxBlastOffYour Boyfriend: Blast things off on Christmas morning with a fun little sex party…*Ahem* in his pants. Give him a cool-warm tingle sensation of arousal and excitement with Max 4 Men® Max Blast Off™ Sex Stimulating Balm.


Your Girlfriend: Give her a two-for-one gift that will entice her sensual senses.  Give her a deliciously scented soy candle that will instantly transform the mood of a room to create an intimate setting and turn into moisturizing massage oil when melted!!! The alluring fragrances Body Boudoir™ Love in Luxury™ Seduced Pheromone Ambiance & Massage Soy Candles will give her the ultimate sensual indulgence during this holiday season.

*Instigate pleasurable sensuality with Body Boudoir™ Love in Luxury™ Indulge Powder-Soft Silky Sheets Pheromone Mist and provide a luxurious silky softness to sheets during the wintertime!*



Your Husband: After a long night of flying around the world delivering presents, there is no doubt Santa is looking forward to come home to a little sexual treatment from Mrs. Claus. Help him boost stamina on X-Mas day and get him really for the New Year with the ultimate sexual performance daily treatment of Max 4 Men® Max Vitality™ Sexual Stamina Treatment. This will help create long lasting erections all year long!


Your Wife: Diamonds are a girl’s best friend but no girl can resist a warming heart body massage. She works hard all year long so give her a little pampering with Crazy Girl® Wanna Be Pampered™ Mini Hearts Warming Body Massagers. A little relaxation can inspire her to get in the mood to do a little more.

Long Distance Relationship


For Him: Instead of taking a trip together to the North Pole encourage him to explore the “South Pole”. Intensify orgasmic pleasure to his southern areas with Max 4 Men® Max G™ Male Sex Prostate Gel. After that little X-Mas rendezvous he will definitely want to come visit you more often.


For Her: Every woman wants sexy skin for the holidays and she is no exception. Body Boudoir™ Love in Luxury™ Comfort Pheromone Powdery Bust Lotion and Body Boudoir™ Love in Luxury™ Perfection Pheromone Firming Bust Gel will make her feel luxurious and stunning during the holidays!

Relationship On The Rocks


For Him: Rekindle your connection and get back in touch with each other by giving him something you can do together. Take a ride in Santa’s sleigh to a winter escape with Max 4 Men® Max Drive™ Advanced Hybrid Lubricant. The joyful excursion will make you wonder what was wrong in the first place.


For Her: Don’t let the Grinch steal X-Mas this year. When all else fails, treat her to a sinful sweet temptation thrill of foreplay intensity with Crazy Girl® After Dark Erotic Lip/Nip Tingle Pheromone Potion #8. The sinful tingles and exhilarating minty oil blend will bring some excitement into your love life.

The Ex You Want To Get Back Together With


For Him: Reconnect with your ex-lover by spending time in front of a fireplace, and let it naturally lead to a romantic evening of reminiscing about your past sexy adventures. Together plot out new ventures and tease him about the possibility of getting back together by giving “Santa’s Little Helper” a Mintastic blow-job with Max 4 Men® Max Head™ Oral Sex Gel. He will sure have a rosy warming-up glow of glee.


For Her: Most women love a little romance, so why not give her a sensual gift this Christmas? Let her know that you’re ready to get close and personal with Crazy Girl® After Dark Sex Arousal Bomb Pheromone Potion #2. The breathtaking potency of peppermint oil and menthol will give her the ultra-stimulation she has been yearning. This can possibly end with a happy ending?

We wish you a very naughty XXX-Mas!


Erotic Lip/Nip Tingle

29 Oct


Sexy Trick-or-Treat?

28 Oct

BEWARE of naughty intentions this Halloween and add a sexy twist of trick-or-treating with Classic Erotica’s Sexy Trick-or-Treat schemes that will give you and your partner the ultimate thrill!

Sexy Tricks

Ready for a sexy trick-or-treat? Whether you will be staying in or heading out for a night of mischievous fun celebrate Halloween with a few sexy tricks that will have your partner quivering with excitement.


1. Bewitched Inspire an adventurous night of a sexy rendezvous by showing up at his/her home wearing a naughty ensemble. Enliven his/her sexual desires and put him/her under your love spell by sneaking into a character he/she has been fantasizing on. Engaging in a little role play will be a fun way to get the wolf out of the cave.

TRICK:  Wear a little dab of CrazyGirl® After Dark Sex Aphrodisiac Essence Pheromone Potion #9 or Max 4 Men® Max Attract™ Hypnotic Sex Attractant Cologne to signal your lover that you are in the mood for a wicked night.

walking_nude2. The Walking Nude Leave him/her gasping for air by creeping in on him/her while he/she showers! A steamy surprise in the shower is a sexy way to get it on before you head out for the nights festivities. Get creative, maneuver your hands over your partner’s sexy body and caress his/her erogenous areas. Take turns lathering each other up with a Love Mates® Pleasure Massage Mitt.

TRICK:  Ignite confidence and sexiness in your sensitive areas with a smooth shave that will make your fully exposed physique striking. For sexy skin use Coochy™ Rash Free Shave Crème Collection or Max 4 Men® Max Shave™ Rash Free Crème Collection.

paranormal_activity3. Paranormal Activity – Make your spooky holiday extra-sultry with an erotic game of “paranormal” activity. Enjoy out-of-this-world foreplay by taking turns rolling Heart’s Desire® Sugar n Spice™ Romance Dice™ to determine the sexy tasks to perform.

TRICK: For a frightfully sexy touch use Libido Lift™ Twilight Bloom Serum Pheromone Potion #7 or Max Vitality™ Sexual Stamina Treatment to stimulate the erogenous areas.

Sexy Treats

Your sexy trick-or-treat adventure is not complete without giving your partner and yourself a few tasty treats.

sexth_sense4. The Sexth Sense Give yourself something good to eat and indulge in some ooooh-ral. Journey to the gates of your partners “underworld”, and perform the tasty deed with your partner blindfolded and his/her wrists bound. Your partner won’t be able to see or touch your ghostlike essence but will be able to use his/her sexth sense to guide you to performing incredible oral sex.

TREAT: Make giving and receiving breathtaking with Crazy Girl® Wanna Be Aroused™ Oral Sex Gels or Max 4 Men® Max Head™ Oral Sex Gels.

dracula5. Dracula – Start things off slow on Halloween night with a couple of naughty bites. Kissing before, during, and after sex can be extremely arousing and satisfying. Surprise your partner by kissing his/her neck and lightly nibble on his/her ear lobe. Send chills through his/her body by lightly roaming your tongue into his/her chest and licking around the areola, gently blowing them dry, and sucking his/her nipples.

TREAT: Apply CrazyGirl® After Dark Erotic Lip/Nip Tingle Pheromone Potion #8 on nipples for a rock candy rush and lusty thrills or apply on lips for arousing kisses and foreplay intensity.

scary_movie6. Scary Movie – If you are looking for a salacious scare lure your partner for a sexy sleepover and watch a horror movie that will thrill both of you. Awaken passion when you are quivering with fright by jumping into your partner’s arms. An overly frightening movie may kill the mood so choose a movie that has lots of sex scenes to inspire mischievous play.

TREAT: For the ultimate pleasure try CrazyGirl® After Dark Sex Arousal Bomb Pheromone Potion #2 or Max 4 Men® Max Blast Off™ Flavored Sex Stimulating Balm and enjoy exhilarating sexual arousing tingles of excitement.

Have a Sexy Trick-or-Treat!

Sex Aphrodisiac Essence

21 Oct



Touch Yourself and Save the Boobies!

1 Oct

Ladies don’t be afraid to touch yourself!!! Dare to bare and touch yourself to potentially prevent a cancer scare. 1 in 8 women will be diagnosed with breast cancer in their lifetime. Detect breast cancer and Save the Boobies by incorporating breast self-exams into your monthly routine.

Mammograms are strongly encouraged to help detect tumors before they can be felt. In addition to mammograms, performing breast self-exams help you become more familiar with how your breasts look and feel. Detecting anomalies or changes in your breasts allows you to alert your physician and begin the necessary treatments to save the boobies!

Perform a Breast Self-Exam and Touch Yourself:


1. Lying Down – The breast tissue spreads out evenly along the chest wall when you are lying down, as a result lumps in your breasts become more evident when you are lying down. Place a pillow under your right shoulder and rest your right arm behind your head. Using your left hand, gently move the pads of your fingers and press down around your right breast in small circular motions covering the entire breast area and armpit.

Apply a mixture of light, medium, and firm pressure when examining your breasts. Squeeze the nipple, and check for discharge and lumps. Repeat these steps for your left breast.

Make the experience less nerve-wracking by pampering yourself and your boobies with CrazyGirl® Wanna Be Pampered™ X2 Mini Hearts Warming Body Massagers.


2. In Front of a Mirror – Place your arms at your sides and visually examine your breasts. Raise your arms high overhead and scan for any anomalies in the contour, nipples, and inflammation or dimpling of the skin.

Continue to scan your breasts by resting your palms on your hips and pressing firmly to flex your chest muscles. Inspect your left and right breast separately for any dimpling, puckering, or irregular changes.

Now that you are all done take a moment to admire the perfection of your breast and comfort them with Body Boudoir™ Love in Luxury™ Perfection Pheromone Powdery Bust Lotion and Body Boudoir™ Love in Luxury™ Comfort Pheromone Bust Gel.


3. In the Shower – Press the pads of your fingers and move them around your entire breast in a circular motion from the outside to the center. Examine the entire breast and armpit area of both breasts.

Give your breast a blast a mint of delight and excitement after your shower with CrazyGirl® After Dark Pheromone Potion #8 Erotic Lip/Nip Tingle.


Do not neglect the boobies!!! Touch yourself frequently and get regular mammograms, and most importantly encourage your partner to explore your breasts too!


To learn more about donating, spreading awareness, or becoming involved in any way, please visit Susan G Komen.

To get EVEN MORE information on early detection and other safety tips for yourself, visit the National Breast Cancer  Foundation, Inc.