Classic Erotica Takes Crazy Girl AFTER DARK!

30 Aug


Sexy body & sexual enhancement pheromone manufacturer Classic Erotica has expanded its mega-popular Crazy Girl product line by stepping into a more decadent & sinful side.  According to Cassandra Kirkley, Marketing/Branding Executive our tag line for the newly launched AFTER DARK line says it all …Because the Sexiest things Happen AFTER DARK!

The line is identified by numbered pheromone potions so a woman can numerically pick her after dark desires.  The formulas pack an extra potency of stimulating arousal & excitement, as well as exhilarating sexuality with a mischievous portion of pheromones.  Truly designed for the AFTER HOURS side of every Crazy Girl the new additions include a Sex Aphrodisiac Essence roll-on fragrance featuring a seductive black orchid scent, a Sex Arousal Bomb & Erotic Lip/Nip Tingle for outrageous sexual temptation in naughty rock candy rush flavor.  For a notorious AFTER HOURS Libido Lift there is the Twilight Bloom Serum offering sex at the next level of anticipation & extreme pleasure.

The sexual intensity of the AFTER HOURS line is created by proprietary blends of innovative active ingredients which provoke an evening filled with your wildest sexual encounters.  As with all products from Classic Erotica, the AFTER HOURS line is proudly made in the USA in female-friendly, paraben & sugar-free formulas with no animal testing.


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