Classic Erotica Rocks Another Successful ANME Show!

19 Aug


The Summer 2013 ANME show proved to be another show-stopping event for romance and pleasure pheromone product leader, Classic Erotica. The company won the prestigious Storerotica Award for Boutique Brand of The Year and also debuted a flurry of new products, a new catalog, new store merchandising plans, and a revamped booth with striking new graphics.

Along with fabulous new additions to the existing Max4Men line and the Body Boudoir line, Classic Erotica also introduced two astounding new lines of products, Crazy Girl® After Dark and Body Boudoir™ Love In Luxury. After Dark is a specialized line, which features “extra potent sexual sensations” for the devious side of any playful Crazy Girl. Love in Luxury offers pheromone body and boudoir collections for the sensual connoisseur. The line features a new and improved Silky Sheets selection as well as soy massage candles in pourable-spout tins. Says National Sales Manager, Michelle Tabb, “The stars of the show were, without a doubt, Crazy Girl After Dark and Love in Luxury. We are so thrilled at the response these two lines received at the show. Everyone was excited to see the new items; our booth was busy non-stop – we even had people standing in line at one point. We also received international visitors at the booth that love our products. Needless to say, it was a very exciting show!”

The well-established and ever popular Body Boudoir™ line also received praise for two new exciting fragrances, Tropical Tease and Feelin’ Sassy. The industry’s favorite men’s line, Max4Men®, added three new items: Max Blast Off Sex Stimulating Balm, Max Drive Advanced Hybrid Lubricant, and Max Vitality Sexual Stamina Treatment. The excitement was palpable as customers tested and played with all the new items at the booth.

The biggest triumph for Classic Erotica came on Sunday at the Storerotica Awards. After the hard work and campaigning of Classic Erotica’s marketing team, the company was awarded the prestigious award of Boutique Brand of The Year. Says company Vice President, Loren Levy, “We are incredibly honored and elated to win this award. We are so grateful to our wonderful customers, loyal industry partners, and Storerotica for supporting the ongoing success of the Classic Erotica brand.”


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