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Boutique Brand of the Year!

16 Jul



Sexlaration of Independence

3 Jul

This Fourth of July celebrate the freedom to declare your Sexual Independence!

Follow the Classic Erotica’s “Sexlaration of Independence” to help boost your sexual confidence!

pledge_orgam1. Pledge Allegiance to the Orgasm – Stand beside your partner and guide him/her thru the night by letting him/her know what arouses YOU. Allow your partner to ring your bell and explore your “land” with Crazy Girl® Wanna Be Wild™ Intense Orgasm Gel or Max 4 Men® Max G™ Stimulating Male Sex Prostate Gel. There is no need to censor, give explicit directions on what you want done to you. The more you voice to your partner the more he/she will learn about you, and needless to say the greater changes you will have in reaching that mind-blowing orgasm you always wanted.
Remember to speak moan freely!

sexy_revolution2. Sexy Revolution – When you are feeling sexy, you are sexy! So join the Sexy Revolution and pledge to build sexual confidence by embracing YOU.

Ladies release your inner diva and shimmer like a sex goddess with Crazy Girl® Sexy Body Care Collection. The dazzling collection will give your skin a sexy edge that will leave your skin looking radiant and smooth.

Gentlemen enhance sex appeal and hardness your own sexual identity with MAX 4 Men® MAX Attract Sex Cologne™. You will be so irresistible that you will have an entire infantry of sexy mates turning heads.

Confidence is SEXY, so go ahead and get your sexy on! 😉

pursuit_oral3. The Pursuit of Oral – Spark some fireworks in your relationship. Command your partner to do an intense session of oral on YOU. Groom your erogenous zone with Body Boudoir® Coochy™ Rash Free Shave Crème for Sexy Skin, Crazy Girl® Wanna Be Naked™ Intimate Shave Crème with Sex Attractant, or Max 4 Men® Max Shave™ Balls n All Rash Free Shave Crème. The sexy sight of your shaved privates will entice your partner to linger between your legs and explore you orally.

Open your partner to a whole new world of oral pleasure and end your night with a bang with Crazy Girl® Wanna Be Aroused™ Oral Sex Gels or Max 4 Men® MAX Head™ Oral Sex Gels.

sex_brave4. Sex for the Brave – We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all sex is not created equal, that ventures in anal pleasure intensify excitement to your sexual alliance. So we advise YOU to dictate your own rules in the bedroom and order your partner to get a little daring with Crazy Girl® Wanna Be Daring™ Tushy Teaser.
Wanna get a more erotic and satisfying anal experience? Fly your flag and get your partner to salute you with an intense and long-lasting sexual experience with Max 4 Men® Max Control™ Male Sex Prolong Spray or Max 4 Men® Max Control™ Male Sex Prolong Gel.
For easier penetration use Crazy Girl® Wanna Be Daring™ Anal Ease Desensitizing Gel.

“In Sex We Thrust.”