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5 Spicy Secrets of Seduction

3 May

It’s Cinco de Mayo weekend and things are going to get muy caliente with Classic Erotica’s 5 Spicy Secrets of Seduction!

bailamos1. Bailamos – Latin dances are hot, fun, passionate, and sexy! Learn an exotic Latin dance with your partner, and feel the heat as you let the rhythm of the music bring your bodies closer together. This steamy dance session will feel as if you are having sex in the dance floor. Ay caramba!

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green_woman_silhouette2. ¡mmm papi/mami! – Melt your lover’s heart away by whispering sexy Spanish phrases into his/her ear. Here are some sexy Spanish phrases that will assure a sexy night of pleasure and don’t forget to roll your R’s 😉
I Love You! ¡Te amo! / ¡Te quiero!
You make me happy. –  Me haces feliz.
I want/desire you. Te deseo.
I adore you. –  Te adoro.
I’m crazy for you.  Estoy loco(a) por ti.
I need you. Te necesito.
Hug me. –  Abrázame.
Kiss me. Bésame.
Kisses Besos
My love. Amor mío.
You are very sexy. Eres muy sexy.
Give me more. Dame más.
Harder. Más duro.
I’m horny! ! ¡Estoy Caliente!
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vamos_a_la_playa3. Vamos a la Playa – Put your passport away and have a stay in tropical experience at the luxury of your own backyard. Decorate your backyard with palm trees, cabanas, sand, Aztec monuments, a fire pit, and a kiddy pool. Yes, a kiddy pool! Nothing beats soaking yourself in water in getting things extra wet and wild.
Lead your partner to the backyard by leaving signs “La Playa” with arrows pointing to the “Beach”, and surprise your partner with your sexiest bikini/swim suit and a Mexican sombrero.

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pinata4. Dale, dale, dale – Celebrate Cinco de Mayo in full swing with a traditional Mexican piñata. Get a little creative and fill the piñata with miniature plastic bottles of tequila and mini sexy treats like condoms, little sample size lubricants, chocolates, small intimate games, massage oils, and flavored gels! To make the game more challenging blindfold your partner, spin him/her around five times slowly, stop him/her when he/she is facing the piñata, and have him/her hit the piñata with a sturdy object like a bat or bloom stick, until the piñata is broken. Remove the blindfold and let the real game begin!

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muy_caliente5. Muy Picante! – Ready to instantly spice things up? Learn to cook an authentic Mexican meal and surprise your partner with a private meal for dos. Make sure to leave plenty of space for a muy sabroso (very delicious) BJ for dessert.
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Have a very sexy Cinco De Mayo!


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