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Sexy Easter

28 Mar

Easter is the perfect time to give sexual treats, play sexy games, and mix things up with your partner. Here are Classic Erotica’s sexy tips on how to spend your Easter weekend.


Dress up like a playboy bunny and tease your partner with your bunny tail.

Try Crazy Girl® Wanna Be Daring™ Anal Ease Desensitizing Gel and Crazy Girl® Wanna Be Daring™ Tushy Teaser for a little bunny sex!

foreplaySend your partner on a sexy Easter egg hunt that will lead you to hop into bed for a night of romance. Get creative and spice things up by filling your Easter eggs with sexy goodies. Sexy commands (e.g. different positions), condoms, little sample size lubricants, small intimate games, massage oils, and flavored gels are all perfect! Then hide the eggs all over the house/bedroom and set a time limit. The more eggs your partner adds to his/her Easter basket before time runs out, the more he/she gets to enjoy in bed.

Try Heart’s Desire® Sugar n Spice™ Romance Dice™ for a sexy adventure.

backyardPack a romantic afternoon picnic with your sexy bunny in your backyard and prepare yourself for an afternoon of passion.

Set up the mood by lighting Crazy Girl® Wanna Be Wild™ Seductive Soy Massage Candles and pamper your partner with Crazy Girl® Wanna Be Pampered™ Warming Body Massager.male_g

Ladies if you are looking for solo time get a Rabbit vibrator and explore your wild side. Use Crazy Girl® Wanna Be Wild™ Intense Orgasm Gel for greater sensitivity and pleasure. Heighten clitoral and G-Spot sensations that will give you a mind-blowing experience!

Men go down the rabbit hole and discover your G-Spot with Max 4 Men® Max G™ Stimulating Male Sex Prostate Gel.

Happy Easter!


Pamper Me Fabulous!

26 Mar

We had such a great time at Pamper Me Fabulous! Here are some pics. photo4photo photo3photo7photo8pamper_me_fab2pamper_me_fab1


The 2013 Manscaping Guide

19 Mar



19 Mar

Summer is just around the corner and you know what that means…bikini time! We want to help you get beach body ready in the easiest way possible (hint: no gym or diet required!). The simplest way to feel good and look good at the same time is to have soft, rash-free, smooth skin. The Coochy Shave System will be your new bff this summer, trust us!



  • Allow skin and hair to soften. Instead of jumping in the shower and getting your shave on immediately, try to wait a few minutes and let the steam relax skin and open up the pores.
  • If it’s like the Amazon jungle down there, trim long unruly hair first. And please, if you are using scissors BE CAREFUL!
  • Choose the right razor. For best results, avoid using cheap disposable razors.

STEP1 of the Coochy® Shave System

Use ultra hydrating and lush moisturizing Coochy® Rash-Free Shave Crème and work into a thick lather.  Coochy® is the number 1 voted shave crème for a reason: it is full of high quality ingredients like Jojoba Seed Oil that do amazing things for your skin! Plus all the various fragrances smell GREAT! Glide your razor seamlessly over any area of the body you desire to remove hair.

STEP 2 of the Coochy® Shave System

After shaving, use Coochy® After Shave Protection Mist on various areas of the body to protect newly shaven skin and inhibit clothing irritation. This light weight formula combines botanical ingredients like Chamomile Extract and Cucumber Fruit Extract to sooth and hydrate skin.

STEP 3 of the Coochy® Shave System

Once the Coochy® After Shave Protection Mist dries, use Coochy® After Shave Protection Powder to keep intimate areas moisture-free of perspiration to prevent chafing. Made with mica and silica, this light weight powder protects and guards skin with powerful efficiency…your thighs will thank you!

And voila! Your ultimate guide to sexy, smooth, summer skin. Now go forth and conquer bikini season!

Ultimate Women’s Day Out!

15 Mar

Join Classic Erotica March 24, 2013 at the Vibiana for the Ultimate Women’s Day Out! We hope to see you all there!!!


214 S. Main St.

Los Angeles, CA 90012




5 Things You Need to Know About the Male G-Spot!

11 Mar




10 Facts About Intense Orgasms

11 Mar