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Loveline’s V-Day Open Forum

18 Feb

Here is a behind the scenes picture of our friend Emily Morse at Loveline’s Valentine’s Day Open Forum!!!



5 Sexy Ways to Surprise Your Valentine

13 Feb

It’s that time of year again and you don’t have anything planned for the sexiest night of the year. Don’t worry Classic Erotica has 5 sexy ways to keep your partner satisfied and make this your best Valentine’s Day ever!


1. A Blow Away Dinner! – Women dress up in your sexiest dress or lingerie, men wear your sexy suits, and surprise your partner with a private meal for two. Your partner will feel special coming home to a sexy you and a romantic evening of delights. Don’t forget to leave extra room for a very special dessert. Indulge yourself with a little oral for dessert. Ooh what a tasty delight!

Try Crazy Girl® Wanna Be Aroused™ Oral Sex Gels or Max 4 Men® MAX Head™ Oral Sex Gels for a tasty experience.


2. Set up the Mood – Make it a romantic evening for you and your partner. Sprinkle rose petals around the room and bed, light Crazy Girl® Wanna Be Wild™ Soy Massage Candles, have slow romantic music in the background, and have the wine ready. Now that the setting is perfect you can both expect a happy ending.


3. The Touch of Seduction! – Treat each other for a full-body treatment with Crazy Girl® Warming Body Massager™ or Heart’s Desire® Warming Body Massager™. Make the experience more intimate with Heart’s Desire® Gel Together™ Massage Gel with Pheromones. With each loving touch your partner will be screaming for sex!


4. Romantic Movie Night – Pick up a collection of romantic or sexy movies that you will both enjoy. Turn the lights off, cuddle up, and have a special night in.

Make sure to spray your blankets with Body Boudoir® Silky Sheets™ Bedroom Mist Pheromone Powder Sheet Mist for a sensual ambiance.


5. Sexy Skin – Oh no you didn’t have time to get that Brazilian wax! Ladies don’t worry use Body Boudoir® Coochy™ Rash Free Shave Crème for Sexy Skin or Crazy Girl® Wanna Be Naked™ Intimate Shave Crème with Sex Attractant to clean up diva style. If you want to give him a sexy surprise accessorize your bikini line with a stick-on crystal body tattoo.

Men keep your skin looking sexy and clean everywhere with Max 4 Men® Max Shave™ Total Body Rash Free Shave Crème. Make it an even better experience by using Max 4 Men® Max Shave™ Balls n All Rash Free Shave Crème and Max 4 Men® Max Protect™ Balls n All Moisture Control Balm. A sexy exposure that will make you look bigger!

Have a Happy Valentine’s Day!


12 Feb


Celebrity guest Tom Green enjoying Max 4 Men® goodies at last night’s Loveline’s Open Forum!!!

Super Bowl SEXXX!

2 Feb


It is almost here, what you may say? The biggest social event of the year: The Super Bowl!!! Between burly football players, raunchy ads, and a sexy Beyoncé to entertain you during halftime, Super Bowl XLVII will have plenty of eye candy for everyone. It’s kind of hard NOT to think about sex, right? So embrace football and get down and dirty by spicing things up with FOOTBALL SEX GAMES!!! Here are Classic Erotica’s sexy guidelines to kickoff Super Bowl Sunday!

1. Go head-to-head with your partner and let the fate of the game be set up by a smash-mouth throw down. Choose a side and bet your partner for some oral action! If your team wins your partner has to go down on YOU! For a tasty experience use Crazy Girl® Wanna Be Aroused™ Oral Sex Gels or Max 4 Men® MAX Head™ Oral Sex Gels.

2. Bump it up to the next level and every time you see butt slapping during the game do a little love-spanking yourself. Get a little daring and use Crazy Girl® Wanna Be Daring™ Tushy Teaser for a frisky back door game. For best results, use Crazy Girl® Wanna Be Daring™ Anal Ease Desensitizing Gel.

3. Every time Ray Lewis sheds a tear have your partner remove a piece of clothing. It will be pine time for your partner before you know it! Take your partner out of the game and tackle his/her naked body into the bedroom and score that TOUCHDOWN!!!

For a sexy appeal use Simply Sexy™ Sex Attractant for Her Pheromone Body Fragrance or Max 4 Men® Max Attract™ Sex Attractant Cologne.

4. Whether you are rooting for the same team or opponents keep track of the score. Every time your team scores a touchdown, kicks a field goal, gets a safety, two-point conversion, or knocks in an extra-point have your partner roll Heart’s Desire® Sugar n Spice™ Romance Dice™ and perform that sexy task for the “x” amount of minutes that the scored points are worth (e.g. touchdown: 6 minutes, field goal: 3 minutes, safety: 2 minutes, two-point conversion: 2 minutes, extra-point: 1 minute).

5. Every time a quarterback throws an interception lick one of your partner’s body parts using Heart’s Desire® Play Together™ Lickable Foreplay Massage Game. Enjoy the pleasure by taking turns.

Ok, so maybe you won’t be alone and will have a group of friends watching the big game with you. Don’t get benched! That doesn’t mean you can’t have hot sex before or after the Super Bowl!

Now let the games begin and remember to have lots of sex on Super Bowl Sunday!!!