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Valentine’s Gift Guide 2013

25 Jan


It’s the sexiest time of the year! Do you know what to get your Valentine? Whether you are shopping for your friend, your friend-with-benefits, your boyfriend/girlfriend, husband/wife, or your fiancé, here are Classic Erotica’s hot picks for your Valentine:

For Her:


She will feel like a Valentine Goddess with Body Boudoir® Body Dew™ Silky Body Oil, Make Me Blush. Not only will her skin feel and look sexy but she will embody seduction, beauty, and desire with this flirtatious little fragrance. You won’t be able to resist her charm!

Get her Body Boudoir® Naughty Secrets™ Body Fragrance, Make Me Blush to enhance sex appeal!


What better way to show your love than with the Crazy Girl® Sexy Body Care Collection and Crazy Girl® Wanna Be Wild™ Seductive Soy Massage Candle. She will love this playful and provocative collection.  This bewitching mixture of body care products will leave her skin feeling sexy and sparkling.


Crazy Girl® Wanna Be Aroused™ Oral Sex Gels makes the perfect gift for your lusty lady. This divalicious flavored gel will open her up to whole new world of oral pleasure!


Cupid has struck again! Feeling a little naughty? Inspire mischievous behavior with Crazy Girl® Wanna Be Naughty™ Sex Arousal Crème. She will experience an arousing sensation that will have her curling her toes in bed.

Get her Crazy Girl® Wanna Be Excited™ Pleasure Balls to intensify her sexual experience!

For Him:


Seduce him with a Max 4 Men® MAX Head™ Oral Sex Gel. He will be blown away by this sweet oral encounter!


Finally your chance has come to give him that intense orgasm he has never experienced! MAXimize his pleasure with Max 4 Men® MAX G™ Male Sex Prostate Gel. He will thank you for helping him find his “G” Spot.


Every night will be an intense, orgasm filled evening with Max 4 Men® MAX Control™ Prolong Gel and Max 4 Men® MAX Control™ Prolong Spray. You can be sure he and you will be sexually fulfilled and satisfied!

XBIZ™ Best Topical Sex Enhancer Product for the Year 2013!

18 Jan

When it comes to male enhancement, men traditionally are looking for ways to enhance their libido, increase penis size, or add excitement and arousal to increase performance.  Get the scoop on why Max 4 Men® MAX Arousal™ Exciting Male Sex Pleasure Gel is the award winning “must have” for your sex-enhancing arsenal!


MAX Arousal™ delivers exciting penile arousal, stronger male libido, and harder erections to help peak performance! It is formulated with a proprietary blend of ingredients known to maximize male sexual pleasure, and fortified with L-Arginine, Niacin & Peppermint Oil. Prior to sex play apply topically to the penis head and/or shaft. It will provide the reinforcement men enjoy for both partner and self-satisfaction. MAX Arousal™ is unscented, and the smooth gel formula provides discreet use. It can be used with any adult toy and it is Adult toy and it is latex-friendly!


How Max Arousal Works!

L-Arginine is an amino acid that enhances the action of nitric oxide present in the body. When applied topically it signals the smooth muscle surrounding the blood vessels in the penis to relax, thus allowing dilation of the blood vessels to increase blood flow.  This increased blood flow assists with blood engorgement of the penis, helping to produce a harder erection, stronger libido & exciting sexual sensations.

Niacin (Vitamin B3) helps play a vital role in energy production & blood circulation to the penis. Its stimulating benefits create what is known as a Niacin Sex Flush, which produces exciting tingly sensations, intense warmth & increased blood flow for greater enjoyment.

Menthol/Peppermint Oil when applied topically boosts the L-Arginine action, signals the smooth muscle surrounding the blood vessels in the penis to relax allowing dilation of the blood vessels to increase blood flow as well as add to the tingle sensation for sexual arousal & stimulation.

Don’t Get Left Behind! Get this AWARD-WINNING Product Today!

XBIZ™ Award Winner!

15 Jan

Classic Erotica won Sexual Enhancement Product of the Year-Topical for Max 4 Men® MAX Arousal™ Exciting Male Sex Pleasure Gel! Thanks to all our fans!!!


ANME 2013

4 Jan

ANME 2013, it’s almost here!

Will you be there? We sure will! We have lots of new goodies to show you. Here’s a sneak peak at our pretty point of purchase displays for retail stores. Let our displays do the selling for you!


CE7000-75 Crazy Girl Sexy Body Care  POP Retail Display

diva_sex_secretsCE7500-75 Crazy Girl Diva Sex Secrets POP Retail Display_MG_3499_editCE7905-10 Crazy Girl POP Retail Display_MG_3492_editCE3510-10 Heart’s Desire POP Retail Display

Come see us!

Booth 7 and 8

January 7th – 9th 2013

Marriott Burbank Airport