10 Sexy New Year’s Resolutions

13 Dec

Make 2013 the best sex year ever with Classic Erotica’s 10 Sexy New Year’s Resolutions!


1. Discover your Sexual Identity! – Nothing is sexier than confidence, power, and your own sexual identity. Make yourself irresistible with Classic Erotica’s Simply Sexy® Sex Attractant for Her™ or MAX 4 Men® MAX Attract Sex Cologne™. It will drive your partner crazy with desire!

tushy_teaser2. Get Daring! – Getting tired of the same ol’ sex routine? Get a little daring with Crazy Girl® Wanna Be Daring Tushy Teaser™ for an intensified orgasm you have never experienced! Try Crazy Girl® Wanna Be Daring Anal Ease Desensitizing Gel™ for easier penetration.

striptease3. Sexy Tease!– Show off your sexy side by greeting your partner with a little strip tease or your birthday suit! Body Bodouir® Coochy Shave Crème™ or Max 4 Men® MAX Shave Total Body™ will give you a seductive and sexy shave that will make your skin irresistible.

massager4. Get in the sexy mood! – Taking the kids to school, doing the house chores, work…when will you ever find the time to spice up your sex life? Make sex a top priority in your relationship. Set up the mood with a Heart’s Desire® Gel Together Massage Gel™ and take your partner to an exotic destination.

licking5. Master the Blow-Job! – Give yourself a midnight snack with an Oooh…so delicious BJ. Use Crazy Girl® Wanna Be Aroused™ Oral Sex Gels or Max 4 Men® MAX Head™ Oral Sex Gels for a smooth and satisfying experience you will both enjoy!

wild6. Get Wild! –Ladies spend a little solo time exploring you’re your G-spot. How do you expect him to find it if you don’t even know where it is yourself. Switch off the your phone, drink some wine, and give yourself a mind-blowing experience with Crazy Girl® Wanna Be Wild™ Intense Orgasm Gel. Enjoy a little self-discovery!

gspot_men7. Get to know his G-Spot! –Ok so you have mastered your G-Spot. Now take the time to explore his secret hotspots! Discover and stimulate his G-spot with MAX 4 Men® MAX G Male Sex Prostate Gel™. Touching him in places he never even knew existed will add to the excitement!

sensual8. Play Together! –Spend time engaging in a little foreplay with Heart’s Desire® Play Together™ Lickable Foreplay Massage Game. Complete the naughty tasks with your partner, it will pave the way for a night of pleasure.

car_fantasy9. Act out your fantasy! –Is there a position you are dying to perform? A spot you wish to be touched? A costume you wish your partner wore for you? Or even a place you have reserved for lovemaking? Make it happen! Don’t let another year pass by maximize your sex with MAX 4 Men® MAX Arousal Exciting Male Sex Pleasure Gel™. Increase male libido while acting out your fantasy.

lingerie10. Raid your underwear drawer! –Get rid of every un-sexy thing you own. Trade those grandma panties for a sexy thong. Men get rid of your old shabby whitey tighties and trade them for a sexy pair of boxer briefs. Done? Not quite. Now spray your underwear drawer with Body Boudoir® Silky Sheets™ Sheet Mist. Now that your delicates are all sexed up don’t be surprised if you catch your partner snooping through your drawer. Oh my…

What are your sexy New Year’s resolutions for 2013?

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