Holiday Gift Guide 2012

12 Nov


The holidays are just around the corner! Searching for the perfect gift?  We’ve got you covered. Don’t miss out on the perfect gift for your girlfriend, boyfriend, sister,  best friend, brother, mom, and even dad! Here are Classic Erotica’s hot picks for the holidays:

What to get for your Girlfriend:

Diamonds? Perfume? A puppy? NO! You know what she really wants? ORAL! Duh. Sex it up and get her a Crazy Girl Wanna Be Aroused Oral Sex Gel. A Mmm…Minty experience that you will both enjoy!

Your lady’s not into oral, you say? No worries. Get her in the mood for a night of passion with Heart’s Desire Tahitian Sunrise Massage Gel. It smells like an expensive romantic tropical vacation, but it’s a fraction of the cost!

Play together, massage together, and love together with Heart’s Desire Warming Body Massager.  And guess what, it works PERFECTLY with the aforementioned Heart’s Desire Tahitian Sunrise Massage Gel!

What to get for your Boyfriend:

We’re sure your boyfriend wouldn’t mind a little XXXmas BJ on the morning of December 25th.  Wanna make it an even better experience for both of you? Keep your man smelling fresh and looking clean everywhere with Max 4 Men’s balls n all Shave Crème and Moisture Control Balm! Not only will he look sexy, he will smell AMAZING as well!

Want to make it last all night? Oh yes you do! Upgrade his performance with Max Control Prolong Spray and Prolong Gel! You will both enjoy a long lasting performance that will help you bring in the New Year with extra fireworks!

What to get for your Sister and/or female friend:

Your lady friend will feel like a pink Christmas goddess with Crazy Girl collection of Dazzling Body Care.  Flirty Body Mist, Sparkling Body Lotion, Intimate Shave Crème, and Shimmery Diva Dust…if she wasn’t your BFF before, she will be now!

What to get for your Brother and/or Guy Friend

A clean shave? There’s nothing like it. Have your brother or guy friend groom to theMAX with this uniquely formulated shave care product!

What to get for your Mom:

Mom works so hard during the year. Have her relax for the holidays with Heart’s Desire Parisian Lavender Massage Gel. She deserves it!

Every woman wants sexy skin for the holidays and mom is no exception. Get her Coochy’s Naked Silk Green Tea Shave Crème for a seductive chic shaving that will make her feel glamorous and gorgeous during the holidays.

What to get for your Dad:

Dads deserve to feel sexy too! Max 4 Men’s Hypnotic Cologne is the perfect bold masculine fragrance any guy would love!


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